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Brazil Nuts -100% Natural Grade A

Model No.: AAA
Product Name: Brazil Nuts -100% Natural Grade A
Product Origin: South Africa
Standard: Best Quality
Brand Name: Brazil Nuts
PriceTerms: TT
Supply Ability: 10000Mt
Detailed Product Description:

We are one of the prominent traders of NUTS AND KERNELS in the global markets. The processing of our NUTS AND KERNELS is done under the hygienic environment so that the customers are provided with reliable NUTS AND KERNELS.
We sale cashew nuts, brazil nuts, coconuts, groundnuts (peanuts), walnuts, hazelnuts (filberts), chestnuts, pistachios, almonds, pecan nuts, macadamia nuts, betel nuts and ginkgo nuts.
Brazil Nuts Description:
The Brazil nuts are elongated, three-sided, oily seeds of the South America Brazil nut tree. The nuts are cream coloured nuts with a dark brown skin adhered to it. The nuts will show no visible moulds or have any off-odour or flavour. They shall not have any part of the shell attached to the kernel. The nuts shall have a crisp texture and a butternut or cream nut characteristic flavour.
Brazil Nuts In Shell
Bags with 20 Kgs or 44lbs.
Large 45/50 Brazul Nuts p/lb
Medium 57/62 Brazul Nuts p/lb
Small 60/70 Brazul Nuts p/lb
Brazil Nuts Shelled
Bags with 20 Kgs or 44lbs
Vacuun Bags
Large 90/110 Brazul Nuts p/lb
Medium 110/130 Brazul Nuts p/lb
Small 130/180 Brazul Nuts p/lb
The product will be packed into corrugated cardboard cartons.

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