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500g 2017 health care Natural weight loss hibiscus flowers dried flowers Roselle flower tea

Model No.: AAA
Product Name: 500g 2017 health care Natural weight loss hibiscus flowers dried flowers Roselle flower tea
Product Origin: South Africa
Standard: ISO and HACCP standards
Brand Name: fresh and drying roselle tea
PriceTerms: TT
Supply Ability: 5000Mt
Detailed Product Description:

Product Description

product name roselle tea
type flower tea loose tea
processing type

fresh and drying

packing box,bottle,bulk
certificate QS FAD
samples free sample can be send to you for testing
delivery time 15-20days after order confirmed.
MOQ 500g
certificate QS, FAD

How to soak

1. put the Roselle tea into the pot, add water and boil in the fire, 3 minutes after the flame, use the residual temperature soak for 5 minutes.

2. Filter out the tea residue, put the tea into the cup, add rock sugar then you can drink.

Health whisper:

- If you use direct brewing method to do,, the weight of the hot water is about 180cc. But need to cover the mouth cover 5-8 minutes soak, so that Luo Shen flowers taste.

- after Roselle tea cool down, you can also add honey (high temperature will destroy the nutrition of honey) to increase the sweetness.

- Roselle tea better drink after dinner, becuse it can help digestion of the stomach, but for people whose stomach is cold , it is not appropriate to drink.

Health Index:

Roselle tea has antipyretic, remove greasy, lower blood pressure effect.

P.S. In the purchase of Luo Shenhua, the flowers should be selected complete, smell a little pickling taste slightly, the color into the dark red the best.

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