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dry briquette sugar beet chips or sugar beet pulps

Model No.: 1
Product Name: dry briquette sugar beet chips or sugar beet pulps
Product Origin: South African
Standard: Grade A
Brand Name: dry briquette sugar beet chips or sugar
PriceTerms: Negotiable
Supply Ability: 20 X 40Ft Container per week
Detailed Product Description:

today, about 90% of the beet pulp produced is sold to the export market in the pelleted form. the shredded beet pulp market is primarily domestic. up until the last couple of years, shredded beet pulp was only available in bags, but now feed mills using it as an ingredient can buy it in bulk form. initially, consistency of particle size and stem and root contamination were a concern. stems and roots look like small pieces of balsa wood that are typically about 1 to 2 inches in length and about a ?to ?inch in diameter. utilizing improved screening systems the industry is continuing to do a better job of making the product cleaner and more consistent.

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