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maltitol powder

Model No.: bgt60
Product Name: maltitol powder
Product Origin: South African
Standard: Golden Grian
Brand Name: maltitol powder
PriceTerms: TT
Supply Ability: 1000mt per month
Detailed Product Description:

product name: maltitol
cas no.: 585-88-6
h.s. code: 38249099
ins: 965
molecular formula: c12h24o11
molecular weight: 344.31
description: maltitol is a disaccharide made by hydrogenation of maltose obtained from starch. maltitol powder occurs as a white, crystalline powder containing small amounts of sorbitol and related polyhydric alcohols. it is very soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol..

specification: food grade fcc v
items specification
description white, crystalline powder
identification a, b, c, d
assay 99.0% ~ 101.0%
related products d1%
specific optical rotation +105.5 ~ +108.5
reducing sugars d0.1%
water d0.5%
sulphates d0.01%
heavy metals d10ppm
sulfate d100ppm
chloride d50ppm
conductivity d20 礢"cm-1
sulfated ash d0.10%
lead d0.5ppm
nickel d0.5ppm
arsenic d0.5ppm
melting point 148℃ ~ +151℃
total bacteria count d20pcs/g
molds and yeasts d10pcs/g
escherichia coli negative
salmonella negative

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